There are a few things I have learned over the years with all of the thousands of questions I receive. In a quick nutshell, here are some of the basics.   I hope they urge you to study your home a little more closely…and to study yourself.

I just love going into people’s private spaces and learning about them so quickly by just looking around.  If a picture is a thousand words, each home is a billion.

A photo from my studio...

A photo from my studio...

Walking into my clients’ homes for the very first time, I see the “old them.”  I hear how their lives are growing and changing, their wishes.  It is from that point that I begin to interpret their goals and dreams into their living spaces. It is a wonderful and inspiring conversation. I am honored to get to help create the “new them.”  Beauty is in all of us, all the time, you just have to know how to bring that beauty out and into your home!

1.  Your home and it’s contents are a complete reflection of you. Edit what yours screams.

2.  “We shape our environments; thereafter they shape us.” -Winston Churchill.   Create an environment that supports what you want and where you are going.

3.  Think outside the box and take educated chances or accept an unimaginative level of interior.

4.  If buying low-end/run-of-the-mill pieces, you will replace them sooner than expected, waste your budget and add to our landfills.  Buy better.

5.  It is extremely satisfying when friends and family feel comfortable in and enjoy your home as much as you do.  Create a welcoming environment.

6.  Don’t let your home look like most everyone else’s!  Express YOUrself.

7.  Children should learn to live amongst beautiful and elegant things.  Don’t limit yourself.

8.  Patiently cherry-pick the perfect piece of furniture, accessory, art, etc.. It will bring you joy to relive the feeling of success every time you see it.

9.  Choose how you and your family want to feel each and every day and create that…starting now!

Make it fab!


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Photos:  Jill Tran Interior Design and Co.

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