With the excitement of a new year and all of the expectations that come with it, there is the wonderful anticipation for growth and change…fun change!  The most important space in our lives is our home and it should make us feel amazing.  For a little inspiration for changing how your home feels, here are the 2010 color predictions that will no doubt be hot this year.  I will confirm these for you when I go to the furniture and accessories market in April, but Sherwin Williams is usually right on target.

I hope you find these as uplifting as I know the color experts are hoping you do.  (I am looking forward to emerald being a top pick, but alas, will have to wait until 2011 or 2012).  I find color fascinating and the way they choose these colors constantly, even more interesting.  Did you know one of the reasons chartreuse was such a strong color influence in the home and product design, for so many years, was in strong part due to the popularity of the Shrek movies?  Pop culture, events and the health of our planet are just a few of the facts studied to predict the next hot colors.

Look for them this year….  Have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve and New Year!!!  Cheers!


For this dining room, I chose Butter Up as shown in the color group above. Such a fantstic color! Great too, to take it from a small color chip here and see it in a full room!

Make it fab!


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