Each year at market, we get a first look at pieces for the season ahead. We love seeing reinvented classics and completely new ideas. After a few days of walking the floor, we get a clear idea of which trends are emerging for the new season and begin imagining how they’d look in our clients’ homes.


If this season had a motto, it would be “more is more.” Opulence reigned, as beautifully decadent pieces took center stage. The lines of furniture pieces stayed relatively clean, but shine and texture created a dressed up look.


If you’re looking for new ways to make your home feel special, consider some of our favorite finds from market:

  • Bone, jade and mother of pearl inlaid pieces
  • Marble
  • Patterned mirrors
  • Gold and brass
  • Fur and leathers
  • Tufted sofas in rich fabrics
  • Ornate hardware
  • Extravagant wall coverings


While this season’s pieces made a statement, we can’t say what we saw was much of surprise. Ornate items have been slowly making their way into designer showrooms for several years. The biggest change is that they are everywhere now. And, we couldn’t be happier.


Keeping up with trends helps keep spaces from feeling stale, but being a slave to them can make you feel like a stranger in your home. Strike the right balance for your aesthetic. With attention grabbing pieces like this, you can either layer on the luxe extras or choose a few key pieces to add interest to your room. Adding ornate hardware to a favorite piece is one easy way to introduce this trend into your home.


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