As much as I love the rich, warm and delicious colors of fall, I love the bold, striking and metallic colors of the winter season, too!  So until we say, “Hello,” to the festive colors of December, let’s enjoy one last day in my favorite season of fall.

So alas, I will reflect on some wonderful spaces from my pocket of work in shades of pumpkins, golds, reds and chocolates just once more for 2009…

The “BEFORE” and “AFTERS” below:  The goals for this first room were to create a warm and “spicy” room that was soft and inviting while still masculine and “interesting.”  My interpretation and solutions?

"BEFORE" In the process...we chose the stains, tiles...everything!  The client is so excited.

"DURING" In the middle of the process...we already had the stains, tiles...everything! chosen and ready to go! The client was so excited to get everything done...



A tall piece of original artwork from Jean Yancey (the second piece to the series is just around the corner from the first) is a wonderful welcome into the room.  The rustic lamps, hand-thrown pottery and rich woods give the space a great look and livability.  Where do the children do their homework?  By gathering around “the-coffee-table-of-many-drawers” that houses everything they might need, of course!  The ultra plush sofa, copper table and cowhide rug give a warmth and comfort like a fresh baked pumpkin pie.


"BEFORE" On the opposite side of the room you just saw, lives the area where all pies and goodies are to be baked. You can tell by the fan, it was very hot during this point in the home's construction.



Can’t you just smell the fresh cinnamon bread, stews and desserts?  The stone for the top of the counter was hand-selected to accent the warm wall color and stains on the floor and cabinets I chose. Unusual light fixtures over the bar add interest and are even more amazing in person.  The small hand carved stool in the corner? … for the children to sit on while doing homework, watching television or can serve as extra seating when guests arrive.  Bon Appetite!


"DURING" The stone hearth was beautiful, but lost amongst mundane furnishings. How to lose the ho-hum look?



…by bringing the space to life with decedent fall colors, a new mantle and furniture layout.  The stone is now on stage (as it should be) adding interest and an earthiness to the space.  Just a casual, warm and welcoming invite is what this room reads.  Would you care to sit down and have a cup of coffee?  Do you take cream?  Happy fall to you!

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Photos:  Jill Tran Interior Design and Co.

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