Being a designer, one of the things I crave in life is creativity, inspiration and joy from looking at beauty, art and design.  You will find I talk quite a bit about art and will go to a museum any time I can…though that never seems to be near as often as I would like.  At the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City recently, I turned the corner to find this…

I was ahhh struck…both at it’s size and its simplicity.  I wanted to stand there forever.  This exhibit brings a peacefulness, a calm inside you.  While simplistic in it’s concept, it is joyful.  It carries the Wabi-Sabi rule to a tee, which is something I find fantastic.  It is texture, scale and pattern woven through the feeling of endless beauty.  If you missed Without Place-Without Time-Without Body by Wolfgang Laib in the amazing Bloch Building at the Nelson while it was on exhibition, please study these photos a bit more…it filled the room.  wow.

You can barely see the yellow pollen mounds amongst the rice on the very top photo here.  There are five of them on the left side, about 1/4 of the way down and roughly 5 columns in.

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