I cannot believe another Thanksgiving has come and gone!  My family and I had a lovely celebration right down to the centerpiece.  I promised I would share my table with you…


The table (covered in my grandmother’s tablecloth), was a hit as it overflowed sweet yummies and goodies.  Everyone had a favorite…blackberries, cranberries (we had fun watching the children try these!), chocolates, nuts and clementines.  Everyone just kept laughing, reminising and nibbling…

Such an “interactive” table grouping is as fun as it is beautiful.  I just love it when the conversation continues after the meal and everyone is enjoying  the jazz, each other and the decedent treats on the table.


The handle of my grandmother’s silver creamer, nestled in pecans and almonds, peaks through the fresh sage from my garden.


My good friends gave me this fascinating serving spoon a few years ago.  It is such a lovely piece with a jeweled handle.


Fresh clementines ready to cleanse the pallet and refresh the senses…


Fresh blackberries are a treat indeed, on silver.


Chocolate and toffee covered pistachios on an antique butter dish.  Need I say more?

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