When this home was purchased by a couple before they moved to Kansas City, they didn’t know where to start on making it their own!  See full article in SPACES Magazine  The home’s interior wasn’t their style at all…they were wanting a Mid-century modern look.  It was time to remodel and make it beautiful.

When the Roth’s called Tran + Thomas, they soon realized they were in excellent hands.  Jill and Carmen drew up new layouts and dove right in to a full new design drawing up cabinets, selecting tile, colors, furnishings, etc..

BEFORE (BELOW):  The “built in” cabinets below are too close to the height of the mantle, are awkward in appearance and don’t complement the fireplace at all….they looked stuffed in their corners.  The room’s style is also not what the new homeowner’s were wanting.

AFTER (BELOW):  By removing the awkward cabinets and removing the old mantle, the room became an blank canvas.  To add interest, an asymmetric design was created by Jill and Carmen.  The new shelves allow for storage and display, while the newly lit reading area allows for special place for the children to sit and hides additional storage.  The new fireplace is clean, crisp and a better size for the room.  All furniture, lighting, drapes, art, rugs and accessories provided by T+T.

BEFORE (BELOW):  The kitchen started with an awkward layout and had a door from the garage that chewed up valuable kitchen real estate and created a clumsy room flow.

AFTER (BELOW):  A new layout allowed for the fridge to become larger and to be in a smarter location.  T+T also took square footage from an ineffective guest bath and moved it to the pantry where it could really be put to work.  Both of those changes almost doubled their new kitchen’s storage space! All furniture, lighting, drapes, art, rugs and accessories provided by T+T.

BEFORE (BELOW):  This master bath was long and awkward upon purchasing the home.  The mirrors were hung in an odd configuration and the shower was tiny.  The oversized tub was a waste of space and looked clunky and heavy.

AFTER (BELOW):  The new layout and configuration of the room by Tran + Thomas opened the room up and allowed for much more efficient storage and use of the space.  With the style the client was wanting, T+T maximized the look and created a light, bright and wonderful bath for the Roth’s to get ready in.

AFTER (BELOW): Lots of additional lighting was added by T+T

BEFORE (BELOW):  Below is the opposite side of the master bath from the old sinks.  The toilet area had no privacy, there wasn’t enough room to stand and wash their hair in the shower and no real space for shampoos and conditioners to rest.  The windows were quite nice, but their old coverings were heavy and dark.  All furniture, lighting, drapes, art, rugs and accessories provided by T+T.

AFTER (BELOW):  The new shelving designed by Jill Tran and Carmen Thomas is perfect for displaying beautiful items and hold towels and robes.  The bright tub is larger on the interior than the old tub, yet appeared to be hundreds of pounds lighter in visual weight.  The tiles selected by T+T added some soft definition to the floor areas and interest.

ADDITIONAL “AFTER” PHOTOS OF THE SAME HOME BELOW:   All furniture, lighting, drapes, art, rugs and accessories provided by T+T.




What a pleasure to create such a wonderful space for such a fabulous family to welcome them to Kansas City!

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