How tall would you guess the gold sconce lights on either side of the fireplace are?  What about the height of the built-in shelves below them?

Above: The “AFTER”…a room full of solutions and great pieces all from Tran + Thomas Design Studio

You may be surprised to know the sconces are 4’ tall and the black built-in cabinets are almost 6’ tall!  Scale matters…big time.

Above:  The “BEFORE” … the room was cold, dull and not the least bit cozy

When Carmen and I walked into this large home, the family asked that we make it feel more cozy and comfortable, yet sleek.  They have a family and really wanted the room to be tough enough to handle little people.  She loves the color black and glamour.  He just wanted it to look great.

We started with the design of the fireplace.  Everything about it before was too tiny.  Way too tiny!  We drew up a new design, selected the tile and worked with the subcontractors to be sure it was installed perfectly.

To bring the ceiling “down”, we had 8” wide trim placed at the height we designated and had it carried around the room.  We knew it would give a visual line for eyes to stop at and would give the illusion of a ceiling or boundary.

To beautify the odd windows, we had custom drapes made and had them hung quite high up on the wall.  By making the drapes wide, we were able to break up the blank walls and make the window appear more proportionate in the room.  By taking the drapes to the exact height we did, we were able to give another horizontal line for the human eye to stop at, thus helping to bring the room “down” and make it feel and appear more cozy.

The chandeliers are quite large, but just one wouldn’t do.  The grouping adds interest, light and adds to the glamour of the room.  The grouping of three also ensure the scale of the lighting is what is really needed to be.

The furnishings we provided all needed to not only be large, but they needed to be quite tall.  The sofa we brought in is 45” tall (most sofas tend to be 30-35” high).  The wingback chairs are fun, with a little funk to them, yet sleek and you guessed it…tall!  With a few great tables, a silver console, carpet and a bit of color in the rug, this room is now glamorous, beautiful and miraculously…cozy!





Approaching 40 years in the business of Interior Design
Originally founded in 1982, family-owned Tran + Thomas Design Studio has emerged as a top leader in Interior Architecture, Interior Design, and Product Selection. Our team brings extraordinary beauty and luxury to homes in the Kansas City area and beyond. There are no tired formulas or leftover recipes used in our work, but rather an approach that starts with heightened imagination and a practiced design philosophy and ends with happy clients residing in a beautiful space. For over a quarter century we have turned dreams into reality by first imagining the ultimate interior and then determining how to achieve that interior.

Building new homes, remodeling, finding the perfect furniture for clients
We are well versed working with architects and builders: constructing new homes, remodeling tired (outdated) spaces, and redesigning/refreshing one room or an entire house. Our breathtaking Interior Design is famous for being a reflection of the uniquely different styles of our clients personalities.  Jill and Carmen have extensive experience designing traditional, transitional, and modern homes and spaces.

A wonderful and better source for furnishings
Jill Tran and Carmen Thomas have, and continue to, research, gather and curate wonderful resources for the homes and businesses of their clients.  When working with us, clients gain access to 250+ fabulous designer lines which include upholstered furnishings (sofas, chairs, beds), casegoods (tables, cabinets and furniture without upholstery), lighting (table lamps, sconces and chandeliers), fabrics (for upholstery, pillows and drapery), custom drapes, rugs, antiques of all kinds, bedding, artwork, and more.  Our clients also have access to specialized craftsmen, artists, and suppliers to create that one of kind space that is unique to them

Why Tran + Thomas?
The choice of whom you work with on your home or office is absolutely everything.  Knowledge of what is available, creativity, organization, dependability, trust, sources, contacts, education, respect, personality and the ability to interpret and bring to life your needs only comes from one place…experience.  Tran + Thomas has that in spades!

We hope you will consider Tran + Thomas for your next design project!

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