People ask me all the time about how to select art for their home.  I have one answer, it must “move” you!

I am not a big believer that art must “match” a room.  One thing I love in a great interior design, is when art stands on it’s own.  It makes a statement.  It tells us something about the owner.  We, as humans, are all multi-dimensional and our art and rooms should reflect who we are.

The photos below are a small series of me looking at a piece I fell in love with at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.  It is privately owned piece by the Kemper family created by Joan Mitchell, is an oil on canvas and untitled…so I guess I won’t be bringing it home (I am wiping a tear…).  I think it is spectacular.  To someone else, it may be the opposite.  Yet, it was teaching me something about myself and what I naturally am drawn to, so the next piece I purchase may be a little different. That is what makes art so great.  Art influences us and makes us feel something.   Doubtful there will ever be one piece everyone will like…and I love that.




The basic bottom lines for choosing art is to purchase only what you love.  If it “haunts” you after you have seen it, then it should be yours (unless the Kemper’s already own it, ha!)  Don’t just purchase to fill a space, fill your soul.

There are many other things to consider when purchasing art of which I will touch on soon.  Stay tune and keep your eyes open for your next great piece.

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