“Sexy.”  That was the direction I was asked to take the design of this bath remodel (See the “BEFORE” below).  “Clean, white, bright, and some bling!” is what she asked for.  It was to have great storage and some unusual elements.  Our aim was clear.

Once again, Clay Lyon of Lyon Construction did a fantastic job with his crews at applying all of the finishes I chose.

"BEFORE" A small, dated and awkward layout of 2 closets and 2 bathrooms.

"BEFORE" A small, dated and awkward layout of 2 closets and 2 bathrooms.

I give you...Sexy.

The tiles I chose were so fun to design with.

Many people don’t understand what a designer does for a remodel or new construction.  For example, on this bath, I chose each tile’s style, color and size, where it was to go and how it is to be installed.  We chose the cabinets, size, color, finish.  We found the legs and had those installed.  The shower…what doors was it to have?  To the ceiling?  What faucets and shower heads?  Where in the shower?  What should we do on each wall?  What type of lighting should be enough and where should it go?  What type of tub, faucets, counter top, sink, their faucets?  Etc…

I love the wallpaper in the above shot.  It is glass beads on vinyl.  I had the wallpaper hanger split it in half length-wise and hang it horizontally for a unique look.  Under the cabinets, we has lighting installed as a “night light” for safer trips in the middle of the night.

Can you see the beading on the wallpaper and the subtle metallic flecks in the counter top?  Gorgeous, but not too much.

After a job well done: Myself with the contractor, Clay Lyon of Lyon Construction.

A briefing on the project by KCH&G magazine.


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