Granite is not the only option for high-quality countertops anymore, there are so many beautiful, durable surfaces to choose from. We visited SCI Surface Center in Shawnee, KS to choose some of our favorite countertops. (


The countertop samplings by Ripple Glass of Kansas City are a fun local find.  ( They offer several bright and colorful options with great depth and shine. All of their countertops are made with the glass you recycle in their bins around town. Our waste is being turned into a new dynamic option for your kitchen surfacing.


The most popular man-made countertops are Corian and Silestone. Both boast an ease of use that is hard for Granite to compete with. They offer you a harder surface that is more likely to resist stains. Silestone contains a higher percentage of minerals than Corian, but for the cost, Corian is a great buy that will provide you with a solid, hassle-free surface.

Natural Quartz surfaces provide an easy-to-clean countertop that will require no regular upkeep as Granite usually does. Containing less porous minerals than granite, quartz is an option that is increasing in value for its longevity and rival beauty to that of granite.

But let’s face it, if you want to view outstanding depth with an almost 3-D quality, a top-of-the-line granite is hard to beat. Some of the slabs of granite we viewed were like looking at photos of outer-space on a piece of rock! Simply amazing! You may want to buy the slab and lean it up against your living room wall as a piece of artwork!


We had fun seeing all of the options available in countertops and challenge you to explore them yourself if you’re in the market for a kitchen or bath makeover. We are always excited to join people in their pursuit of creating a space that delights them. Please call us if you’re interested in starting a project today! 913-268-9595





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