Our client was looking for a bathroom with a sexy vibe. They wanted it to be clean, bright and white. Their original space had felt cramped, so they were ready for a spa-like retreat. Here are five tips from this project that helped give the space a spa-like feel.


  1. Put it in neutral. Our owner wanted a white bathroom, but any neutral palette can make a space feel serene. We used shades of white and a variety of textures to create a sophisticated, interesting sanctuary.
  2. Let there be space. Cramped does not feel spa-like. For these owners, we were able to design a spacious interior by making a few, thoughtful choices. Providing a special nook for the bathtub helped with the overall flow of the room, while glass doors on the shower visually opened up the space.
  3. Free thyself of clutter. We’ve all been there. You know the place where you can’t figure out why you have three kinds of mascara. We helped this couple create a zen like retreat by clearing the counter space and providing ample, custom storage. Mounting the sinks’ faucets on the wall contributed to the clean look.
  4. Bling it on. Our client wanted some bling, and we were happy to oblige. The bathroom literally sparkles. Roos wallcoverings applied above the cabinets are embellished with miniature, reflective, glass beads. Curvy, satin nickel legs set off the custom cabinetry and add sheen to the space. The countertops also have subtle metallic flecks.
  5. Light it up. We really can’t stress how much lighting can transform a space. The fixtures used here were carefully selected for function, as well as design. We mounted lights underneath the cabinetry to aid in late night navigation and hung a gorgeous, circular fixture in the center of the room to set off the vaulted ceilings and provide another layer of sparkle to the bathroom.

Team: We worked with Clay Lyon of Lyon Construction.


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