Helloooooo December! This is such a wonderful time of year for looking back at my wonderful Christmas memories as a child…counting presents under the tree with my brother, making press cookies with my mother in her gold and avocado floral apron and getting that special holiday tree ornament every year from my grandparents.

Another favorite memory of mine, falling asleep every night with my own tiny Christmas tree next to my bed.  How I loved decorating it so very, very much.  It was one of my favorite things about Christmas and now, I want my children to have that same loving and sweet nightlight send them off to dreams of Sugarplum Fairies…

These vintage ornamnets mean three days less (and counting) until Christmas!

These vintage and newer ornaments from my childhood mean three days less (and counting) until Christmas!

I have put a spin on that old family tradition that now starts on December 1st…I share each child’s excitement and countdown to Santa with their own advent trees!

  • December 1:  It is an exciting moment to clear a space for and place their own tiny tree!
  • December 2: The lights make it magical
  • December 3: Every night with jammies on and teeth brushed, they select and add an ornament…one for each day
  • Flash forward to December 24th:  The star or angel tops an that day of fun as they settle down (or try to) for their long Winter’s nap.

I hope you can have such a fun tradition for your children.  Teaching children the proper way to decorate to bring joy to their everyday lives starts with you!

Do share with me what your children think and how they enjoy making their rooms special…

Happy December 1!


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Photos:  Jill Tran Interior Design and Co.

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