Sometimes, a designer needs to let their office attire be a swim suit and no shoes.  This week is, “casual Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday” close to home in Fort Meyers and Sanibel Island, Florida.

I think it is important once in a while to take a moment to step back and examine my life and my life’s work.  How lucky I am to have my wonderful friends, family and a rewarding job making others happy.  However, in order to get a few moments to myself with two little ones at home, I need a beach or wait until they are sleeping to enjoy my favorite room in my home. I hope you have your healthy and beautiful escapes, too, be it a favorite beach to the next room over.IMG_9090




I wanted to show you the cute and fun art we found.  Does it make you smile?  The colors are superb. The power of color is just amazing.  How it changes my mood just to look at these snapshots.  Are you feeling better, too? I am in love with Leoma Lovegrove’s Gallery.




Aren’t these fantastic shoes I found?  They make mermaids wish they had feet.


Design tip from my travels: when visiting the beach, I bring home a little sand or a few shells (even check the bottom of your beach bag).  I layer them in a beautiful vase after returning from each holiday.  The layers remind me of my fun in the sun, love of life and the new perspective I gained on each journey.  This sunset is for you!



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