When considering what drapery option is right for your home, you must first think about privacy, light control and appearance. Knowing how much light you want to let into the room and having an idea of your overall design for the space will make drapery decisions a breeze.


Roman Shades were used in this room, they give privacy but also let in a lot of light. They can be raised or lowered depending on how much light is desired. Roman shades can be custom made in any fabric you choose.


Blinds were the best choice for this home office.


Traditional drapes with a matching wooden rod match the classic look of this hearth room.


Sheer roller shades let in lots of light and most of the view.


Roman shades fit nicely into this window well and the fabric helps to soften the space.


The height of these drapes helps to visually lower the height of the ceiling and create a more intimate hearth room.


Drapes are another way to add pattern and color to the room, don’t forget to have fun with your design!


When drapes and rods aren’t enough – add some bling!

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