Where To Find The Designer For You

Right now, you are half way there!  You are researching and that is excellent and worth your time.

YOUR HOME OR OFFICE WILL TURN OUT DIFFERNTLY THAN IF YOU HADN’T HIRED A GREAT DESIGNER. Ask around for a designer that has a good reputation. Look online at portfolios. Ask your builder, remodeler or architect. When you interview them (I would select your own home or office as a location) you may want to ask these questions, in addition to the questions in the previous blog in this series:

  1. When are they available?  Do you need the designer now or in 6 months?  Explain where you are in the process and they can give you an idea.
  2. If you have unusual work hours, ask the designer if they can accommodate those.
  3. Ask for referrals of similar projects and call those referrals.  Call clients both in the middle of the project and those that have completed it with the designer.
  4. Ask for examples of issues that have come up in the past and how the designer handled them such as discontinued items, damages, shipping issues, design changes, changes to floorplans, wrong items being shipped, price changes, subcontractor questions, GC questions, how do they approach problem solving…to name a few.
  5. How do they design?  At what speed?  Get a real feeling of the steps they take, in what order and who (may or may not) be helping them and how.
  6. How does the designer record and present the info/the design to you, the contractor and the subcontractor?  Make sure you like that answer.
  7. Have them give an example of how they have stretched a client’s money for a better look.
  8. How many projects that are similar to yours have they done recently?  If it isn’t a lot…run!
  9. Finally, I believe the left side of your brain needs a vote, as does your right side.  Trust your gut some, too.

When You should consider hiring an interior designer if you are:

  1. Building a custom home
  2. Remodeling a small or large area
  3. Want to purchase new furniture
  4. Are ready to update any part of your home or office

When should you get your designer lined up and call them? NOW. Why wait?  Get them in from literally, from the ground up.  All of those scenarios take longer than you may think, as there are more people involved than you expect with ordering and laborers, so sooner is always better.

Do it right and make it gorgeous!

Jill Tran

Co-owner and lead interior designer at Tran + Thomas Design Studio in Kansas City

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