We’re excited to share our first guest blog post with you! It covers two of our favorite topics, fashion and furniture.

The fashion and furniture design industries have become so intertwined that it seems, at times, furniture mimics fashion. We see this especially in the color-blocking and animal print trends. Patterns that have always been prevalent on the runways of Paris and New York can now be seen in the latest interior design ideas. The trend has even gone so far as to include fashion designers along with interior/furniture designers. Even more recently, however, furniture has literally begun mimicking fashion design. From little black dresser drawers to a corset-ed chair, let’s take a look at just how furniture has been mimicking fashion.

Sarah Louise Dix (via)

Dix, a bespoke furniture designer got her inspiration from a corset of all places. It features a fully-boned Victorian style corset back and the fabric is a vintage damask with velvet ribbon…very Marie Antoinette.

Fredrik Farg (via)

It’s rare for men’s fashion to be re-inspired in furniture design, but this accent chair does it beautifully. Farg, who coined the term “slow fashion furniture” re-imagined the tailored black wool coat as a chair. The chair is actually made of a durable yet soft felt and looks cool, crisp and very masculine.

Interior Design Center via Sicis Next Art (via)

Painterly blues and purples, as well as subtle silken pleats remind one of the latest in Spring fashions.

Design Hey via Straight Line Designs (via)

What’s not to love about this cheeky take on the must-have item in every fashionable woman’s closet? The little black dress inspired this chest of drawers that’s meant to hang in your closet, preferably next to your other little black dress.

Daily Furniture Magazine (via)

A table, Stiletto, eponymously named for stilettos. This table can function as a desk, console table or dressing table and features a stacked heel and a red sole.

As you can see, quite a few furniture designers have taken their love and admiration for fashion to a very literal level. These pieces reflect classics pieces every man or woman should have in his/her closet and in doing so, are made classics themselves.

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