Who you hire makes all the difference in the world, too, as YOUR HOME OR OFFICE WILL TURN OUT VERY DIFFERNTLY DEPENDING ON THE DESIGNER YOU CHOOSE!

To me there are 3 very important pieces to selecting the right designer for you:

1. They must have the resume with plenty of experience doing exactly what you are wanting their help with

2. You have to like them!  Personality is huge and almost equal with design…it’s that important.  You will be together for weeks, months or years so be sure you can be around them when making such important decisions

a. Do you feel they can represent you well, if needed?
b. What is their construction experience (if applicable)?
c. Do they respect you?
d. Do they make you feel comfortable?
e. Do you feel fine asking them questions?
f. Are they willing to help teach you?
g. Do you feel you can trust them?
h. Are they willing to defend you?
i. Are they kind?
j. Are they pushy?
k. Quite simply, do you enjoy their company?  Yes…that matters!

3. Are they professional?

a. How are they organized?
b. Are they on time?
c. Ask how will they relay information to you, your builder or remodeler and their subs?

Do it right and make it gorgeous!
Jill Tran
Co-owner and lead interior designer at Tran + Thomas Design Studio in Kansas City

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