There is nothing better than wonderful, kind clients.  Those fabulous people that appreciate great design and want to surround themselves with it to make every day better for themselves.  This couple was no exception!

Once frustrated, Kerry and Mike Helmuth turned to me for wonderful design solutions.  Their home needed some TLC and a plan.  Once I discovered the direction they wanted to go with their home’s design, the challenge began.  How to combine a cowboy feel with Country French using greens and a bright color pop here and there?  More seating was a priority, too, but of course, not too much stuff.  Less is more, but sometimes, you just have to break the rules.  But when?  Now.

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Cover of KC Mag Jill Tran Interior Design's work is featured in.

These clients liked little about this room before we began and needed to keep the wainscoting and sofa. “Just make it not so depressing.”  They enjoy horses, own a ranch and asked for a more masculine, comfortable feel.

There were several challenges in transforming this space, not the least of them blending two different aesthetic tastes in the overall design.  Large doorways gave the clients no privacy during late evenings OR early mornings.  To establish privacy and a warm, comfortable feel, drapes from another room were “recycled and reinvented” to serve as flexible screening.   The architecture of the room is somewhat odd and creates an awkward traffic flow, proving difficult to lay out in a way for a couple with different relaxation habits.  But after installing a new design and some better lighting, it became the perfect place for reading, watching the news or enjoying a conversation.

An oversized dog painting, a zinc horse statue, and a custom velvet lamp shade were also added to amplify the character of a room transformed from cold and odd to warm and personable.

The Den "before". Dark and cold with an odd layout. A tough space to work with!

The design I created for them is starting to come together. They are so pleased and excited! It will be gorgeous. Jill Tran Interior Design

Their den is complete! Photographed here by Bob Greenspan for KC Magazine. It is now warm, inviting, perfect for enjoying and special. Jill Tran Interior Design

The other half of the open KC Magazine. Jill Tran Interior Design

Close up of KC Magazine. Jill Tran Interior Design

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