Grass, mud, puddles.

We have all seen it, then been amazed as it became flowers, a fireplace….beautiful!

Outdoor areas today are much more than they used to be and can include just as many luxuries as the finest indoor kitchens.  Below is a space designed by myself and Clay Lyon of Lyon Construction.  It turned out beautifully and won us an award from KC Magazine.

To start:

  • Think about how you live, cook and spend time outside.  Who is there?  How often?  What says luxury to you?
  • Write down the features you want, then research them.  Like below, there is a Big Green Egg Grill, a pizza oven, fireplace, sitting areas, a swing, etc.

"During" the process. This area used to be all mud and grass. At this point, the entire outdoor living area has been through the idea phase, planned, approved and is in the middle of the installation process.

  • Layout the space.  Professionals are great at this as they know all the right questions to ask.  We came up with the plan below which was perfect with how it connected to the house and how the yard worked.  Don’t forget the details that take it from average and expected to something more memorable.

"After" It is complete!

  • Make it happen.  Get pros, do it yourself, do both, but do it right.  Be sure to ask lots of questions if you don’t know how to make an area work properly, efficiently or safe (think about the heat, etc.).
  • Add the finishing touches…down to your choices for silverware, plates and flowers.  I loved this table and thought it was perfect for the family and their needs.  Don’t forget the invites, the pizza and the marshmallows…you have yourself an outdoor party!

  • The Big Green Egg! Fantastic for the outdoor chef!

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Make it fab!



Photos:  Jill Tran Interior Design and Co.

Jill Tran is a Kansas City Interior Designer and creates beautiful, custom interiors for her interior design clients in Kansas City and clients around the country.

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