Congratulations!  You are about to embark on one of the greatest and most rewarding adventures of your life!  Put on your seatbelt.

The most wonderful thing about building a custom home is, of course, it’s custom.  However, few new home owners take full advantage of that luxury or are prepared for the bumpy road ahead.  It is much, much more than “picking things” and “deciding on a style” to get the most out of your new home.


***AMAZING:  New home-building requires the home’s owners to make an average of 10-19 decisions a day,
so it is easy to see why they quickly get frustrated, overwhelmed and then stop making the best choices.

Once the process has gone from a dream to “let’s make this happen!” they begin to see the financial and emotional commitment involved.  Many realize if they are going to do it, they want to do it right.  They want this investment they will spend their lives in, to be the best it can be. Their custom home will not be the average custom home.

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To make it their own, how will their voice be heard?  

How are custom home-owners able to ensure:

  • Every dollar will be maximized?
  • They will be introduced to the latest ideas, products and solutions?
  • They will feel confident every step of the way?
  • The issues that will come up will be handled quickly and accurately?
  • Quality?
  • They can move in as quickly as possible?
  • They will receive assistance with the volume of decisions?
  • The home will look great and “live” well?
  • The perfect solutions will be used for their very specific needs?
  • They won’t make mistakes, feel regret or want an expensive/messy remodel after moving in?
  • They can keep the stress at a minimum?

How can people make their custom home the very best it can be?  They simply need to select a great team to help them build it.

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Gaining the most peace of mind when building a home…
…is a matter of choosing the right team. Your architect, builder and interior designer(s) are your “checks and balances” system for a smooth build and dazzling finish.  These professionals must understand their own unique responsibilities, yet take a team approach.  Each one should offer you options, educate you, share resources, etc.  Selection of these teams is critical to the end result you expect.  By doing your homework upfront to select these most important people, you can ensure you get what you want.

In the works… Jill discussing solutions with the builder and client.

Moving forward on a new kitchen with a solid plan in place.

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