Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the fantastic and well-known blogger, Mike Brown from at the Central Exchange in Kansas City.  (View the video/blog)  It was such fun to listen to him speak about blogging after having done it myself for a while.  But what I love the most about Mike’s great work is his blog topic…creativity.

Being a creative individual myself, I know that there are days when great ideas just pour out of me and others when I struggle just to get one drop of a marginal idea out.  I really appreciate Mike’s views, ideas, research and work.  Without creativity and such support for creativity, the world would be stuck and there would cease to be inspiration for others to be creative (and accepted).

I look back to high school when I sometimes felt like the “weird girl.”  I made most of my own clothes constantly and liked to push the limit with them.  I remember making backdrops for the big stage for our shows and even making all of the costumes for an entire group of girls for us to perform in.  They were all pure white fabric I used my spray gun to paint each one individually.  Man, I wish I could have time like that again!

I don’t think everyone thought they were great, but I know most of the girls and the audience liked them…and I want to thank those girls, and that audience.  I would like to thank all of the people in the world that see something new and different and don’t make a face.  Without such supportive individuals in this world (that may not even fancy themselves as creative) no new ideas could fly.  I guess it takes a flock to give an idea wings.

I dedicate this blog to Mike, all of the creative people in the world no matter what media they work in and to the audiences that make them great.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Make your world fab, trust yourself, the creativity in you and your instincts,



Super-creative expert, Mike Brown and me

Make it fab!


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