There is nothing more thrilling than watching my client’s eyes light up when they walk into their home and see my design for them, for the very first time.  Some jump up and down, some cry, some scream (and keep on screaming for a long time) and some flap their hands. I have also gotten the quiet hands over their mouths clasped in amazement.  For that one, I have to gently remind them to breathe!  It is moments like that that make all the work I do worth every minute.

But, those moments belong to my clients to enjoy every day of THEIR lives.

For me, I get an additional moment in time…an interior design award.

At this year’s Design Excellence Awards on the lovely terrace at 909 Walnut, hosted by Kansas City Home Design magazine, I was honored with two.  One was a gold for Living Room Design and the second was a silver for a precious baby girl’s room I designed in the Specialty Room catagory.  It is hard not to smile (or flap my hands!) when someone recognizes all of my work, creative thoughts and ideas for each space.  We all want to be appreciated.  What many don’t realize about me, is that those awards add to my hopes and joy for each of my clients’ lives, too.  Each design I create is a dream come true for me, as well as them.

Thank you, KC Home Design, Zach Lieberman, Katie Van Luchene, Eryn Swanson and the rest of the staff.  Also, a big thank you to the judges:  Richard Wetzel, Kevin Harden, Kim Tucker, Erin Calvin, Katie Van Luchene, Suzy and Erich Goldstein, Jeremy Knoll and fellow fab blogger Heather Clawson.

jill award

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