….but we had ANOTHER death in the family.  That is two good men in just 4 months.  I certainly do not want to bring you down, I want to share with you what I learned:

1) If you or a loved one have been prescribed medication, take it!

2) Life really IS short, so do what you need to do to enjoy life NOW!

My wonderful Grandfather that passed. He was so dear and sweet...

My amazing and kind Father-in-Law that passed, too.... (shown here with my darling Mother-in-Law)

Surround yourself with people you love, people you admire and those that lift you up.  Celebrate together everyday and don’t delay in telling each other how you love and support each other.  Part of that joy for all of us too, is our homes.  I wish you a beautiful home full of joy…where ever you live, to receive those that mean the most to you and new friends!

Thank you for your patience with me during this difficult time.


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