There is nothing more fabulous than chatting with another designer who also has such passion for design. 435 South Magazine published an article “Anything But Boring” featuring all of the wonderful things I found in the High Point Furniture and Accessory Market.  I just want to let you in on a few more little happenings from the trip.

Talking to Bob Mackie makes me a little giddy! He is such a handsome, soft-spoken and elegant man, not to mention one of the most talented designers in the world. We each shared our design stories and one of his memories of making the Carol Burnett Show. Remember the scene with the dress made from the green drapes (which will be at The Smithsonian Institution) on Carol?  The scene was poking fun at Gone With The Wind.


“I saw it in the window and just couldn’t resist it.” Carol said, stroking her fringed collar.It cleverly had drapery rods jutting out further than shoulder pads ever did in the 80’s. For Bob, creating that costume was just another day of working hard, having a vision bigger than himself and making it a reality. Well put Bobbie, well put.

With that inspiration, I must return to designing a beautiful living space for a very special client. Another exciting day designing in Kansas City…

Thank you, 435 South, Maggie VanBuskirk and Kathy Boos!

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