It is wonderful to share design tips with readers…the possibilities seem endless.  KC Home and Garden magazine asked me for a few to accompany their shot of my living room (see their page below) along with other designer tips.  It was so fun having the editor-in-chief, Andrea Darr and the photographer, Matt Kocourek over to shoot it.  She and I had a lovely lunch before hand at the Blue Koi, chatted about organic gardening and her saving a very special kitten.  She is such a doll!


"BEFORE" How the room (on the magazine page above) looked the day it was bought.

“BEFORE” How the room looked the day it was bought.



I believe in pushing envelope when designing a home for a truly memorable look.  I am a rule-breaker by nature so I bring Nature in.  Won’t you join me?”

Thank you KCH&G!

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