Add dimension to any space with wallpaper. We’ve selected a few of our current favorites from York Wallcoverings. There are so many gorgeous options available these days it’s easy to get distracted when looking through them all!



Who knew geology could be so fun! A repeating agate texture adds a natural look with beautiful soft colors and organic lines. This paper above has hints of yellow, purple, teal and brown; any of these colors could be accentuated by adding more of those colors around the space. A yellow vase, teal blanket or purple throw pillow would be fun to see next to this paper.


Seen in a larger context, this brown agate paper adds an inviting depth to the room.


Wallpaper can be used to create the appearance of artwork. You can choose how to apply the paper in a pattern that fits your space. Piece together something large behind a sofa or border an entire room with custom designs.



Yes, wallpaper can be masculine! Traditionally wallpaper may seem to be rather feminine, but with the varieties available today any look can be achieved. This paper adds strong form to the space and provides a solidly structured backdrop to the beautiful furniture that sits next to it.

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