A Rustic Retreat Goes Glam

November 2018

Years of renovations have transformed a rural Raymore home into an “escape” that combines the coziness of a Colorado lodge with the elegance of a French chateau.

Designer Home

February 2018

Designer’s revitalized Tudor in Roeland Park

Luxurious Lake Living

July 2017

“From front to back, this space is more than just a home; it is a stunning masterpiece, crafted by the creative genius of all parties involved…”

Thoroughly Modern

March 2017

Tran + Thomas opens up a 50 year-old Mission Hills home to perfect it for a young couple and their family.

Using Your Home Creatively

Carmen shares how to use a formal dining room in a more practical way – transforming it into a funky family office.

Top Market Trends

Carmen Thomas shares her opinions with ‘‘ on trends for 2016. Read the article to get a feel for upcoming interior looks for 2016.

Brighten an interior for Spring!

You’ll find us in the April issue of KC Magazine sharing some delightful tips on getting your home ready for the cheerful months of Spring.

Condo Makeover

We gave KC magazine some awesome ideas for a cramped condo space in Kansas City.

A Boldly Feminine Space

A beautiful project gets the attention it deserves in KCHG (Kansas City Home and Gardens) magazine.

Not Your Mother’s Dining Room

December 2016

A Leawood residence’s happy, bright and eclectic dinning room is set for the holidays but is designed for everyday use.

Pretty but Practical

Thank you to KC At Home for highlighting a completed living room project of ours. It looks beautiful in print!

Brass is Back!

Brass is making its way back into our homes in a new way. Read how to introduce this metal into your home and remain fashionable at ThisIsKC.

Ugly Office Rescue

We helped KC Business magazine save an ugly office!
A glamorous living room that can handle a family of 6! See the details in Kansas City At Home Blueprint below.

Kitchen Design Featured

Check out this coverage of one of our completed kitchen designs in 435 magazine.

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