Step 1: Learning about you
This is our opportunity to listen and understand your hopes, ideas and needs for your interior design. This is a fun process we go through together that is extremely important to ensure the end result exceeds your expectations. During this phase we discover what styles you truly like, and design solutions you may not have considered. All of your questions are answered, costs are discussed and we get a first glimpse at your space.

Step 2: Creating your custom design
Equipped with all the information gathered, your custom interior design is created to meet your needs and goals. Once a holistic design is developed we then present your design to you. This is often a back and forth process that can involve design changes and additional presentations to perfect the space.

Step 3: The wait
Once the design plan is approved, our behind the scenes teams kick into high gear to ensure your full design becomes a reality. Product is ordered and production on your custom pieces begins.

Step 4: The reveal
Our experienced teams arrive on the day of the reveal and expeditiously implement the comprehensive installation plan of hanging, placing, polishing, detailing, and perfecting of each item. The fireworks of the exciting process…your custom design is unveiled. This is when you begin to love your space more than you knew you could.


Programming (simply put – information gathering):
We begin by meeting with you and your architect to determine your style, needs and the best way we can meet those needs. During this stage, we ask questions and answer your questions. We also determine the type, size and location of the spaces that will be constructed or transformed.

Schematic Design:
In this phase, design ideas begin to take shape and concepts and sketches change into rough plans and elevations. It may be appropriate at this time to begin correspondence with contractors and builders.

Design Development:
During this phase, sketches are further developed into rough plans and elevations, by selecting materials, appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures. Details for interior millwork are also further detailed during this phase.

Construction Documents:
At this time, construction drawings are produced and the specifications for construction are written. These documents will be used by the builder for creating bids, obtaining permits and for construction.

Bidding and Negotiations:
In this phase, an agreement is worked out with the contractors and builders for construction of the project. If a builder is already on board, then further negotiations may be necessary to come to an agreement that reflects the finalized drawings.

Construction Administration:
This is the building phase of the project. During this phase, we work closely with the contractors to make sure all of their questions are answered and concerns are addressed.

Project Closeout:
During this final phase of the project, all construction is completed and all of the keys and owner’s manuals are handed over and final payments are made.

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