Velvet adds a bit of luxury to any room. It has the unique ability to absorb light making spaces feel sumptuous and rich. Although we like to use velvet, it can become crushed or matted over time. This can happen when it has been pressed down repeatedly. Over the years, we’ve developed a few techniques to keep your velvet looking luxe. Follow these easy steps to bring your velvet back to life.


Before you begin, test our technique on your fabric. You can use the underside of a skirt, the bottom of cushions or the back of a sofa. Please be aware these solutions may NOT work on all velvets.

First, try steaming the fabric. Afterwards, use a fine tooth comb to brush the nap or pile of the fabric. If steaming doesn’t work, you can use a fine mist spray bottle to apply a small amount of water to the fabric. Then, take a comb or even your hand to wipe the fabric, lifting the fibers up as you go. This will give them the opportunity to return to their original position.


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