Generally, the Master Bedroom is the last room in the house to get any attention and this client’s home was no exception.  All of the furniture that hadn’t found a special place and the oddball pieces made their way here.  It was time for a change.

She wanted it to be feminine, but not too much.  She loved soft colors…blues especially.  This sitting room was off the Master, of which I had painted a beautiful blue, so I wanted this sitting room to have a different ratio of colors.  There was to be a space for her, one for him and comfort was of utmost importance.

Master sitting room "BEFORE"

Master sitting room "AFTER"

I was first inspired by the piece I found for the space that you can see to the right…a Chinese Chippendale frame surrounding a pair of blue birds.  It looked like a soft summer day to me, so I decided to create the “rest of the afternoon” in the space it would crown.

For him, a very comfortable chair with a good depth and handsome style.  For her, a soft loveseat to sit, curl up in or just relax.  To stretch their legs in front of the sunny window or to relax before bed, an ottoman and a half.  It will not only make sitting more enjoyable, it can hold a tray of tea or catch a book set down mid-chapter.  The old, flat carpet was replaced with a rich Oak floor under the client’s rug.  Once a mismatched space, it now is the perfect spot to share morning coffee.

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Photos:  Jill Tran Interior Design and Co.

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