This month on Fox 4: Design Tips and Tricks
Tran and Thomas Design Kansas City, Design Tip

Hope you were able to catch us this month on Fox 4 for some great tips we have learned over the years to make our client’s homes more beautiful, easier to live in and love!

Jars for paint

Who wants to drag out a dirty, old, rusty can of separated paint?  You open it and the crumbs fall right in.  Have your painter fill a large glass jar with a plastic lined lid with touch-up paint.  Keep in mind that flat paint touches up less noticeably than higher sheen paints.

Put spare paint in a jar for ease of use!
Tran and Thomas Design Kansas City, Design Tip

Plates/bowls to corral small items

Everyone has lots of small and random objects that they use on a regular basis.  They can be all over a table, desk or counter…but why?  Toss them all into bowls, onto platters or trays.  Keep everything looking good and together.

Decorative trays or bowls are a fabulous place to corral loose items! Tran and Thomas Design Kansas City, Design Tip

Empty picture frames to fill

We love to help our clients with their family photos and fill picture frames for them.  Purchasing beautiful frames will hopefully encourage you to print your favorite family shots and moments to enjoy every day.  Don’t forget to put them on your dressing table and in your bath!

We love to cherry pick the perfect frames for our clients and hang them, so it’s a snap for them to put in their favorite photos. Tran and Thomas Design Kansas City, Design Tip

Dimmers on ALL light fixture switches

Lighting is everything…and controlling how severe it is makes a huge difference when entertaining and enjoying an evening at home.

Put any light fixtures on dimmers. It is an easy way to add mood to every room and every event! Tran and Thomas Design Kansas City, Design Tip

Extra yards of fabric for upholstered furniture

Got kids?  Got pets?  How about friends or wine?  If you have any of the above, you might consider extra fabric.  We encourage our clients to invest in a few extra yards of fabric as an insurance policy for future possible damage.  So when your wine drinking friend’s kid’s dog’s muddy feet get on your new sofa, fear not!  You were smart and have some spare fabric to repair your cushions.

Why would you want to be SURE and order extra fabric? Tran and Thomas Design Kansas City, Design Tip

Add a second sensor for the thermostat on any new heated floors

Any time you have a heated floor, there are mechanical parts involved.  Those parts will eventually wear out.  However, when you add floor heaters in your bathroom or any area of your home, have your installer add an additional sensor for the thermostat.  It is an insurance policy that you can keep your floors working fabulously!

When you add heated floors to your home, there is one tip you will be forever grateful for! Tran and Thomas Design Kansas City, Design Tip

Grout color

Any time you are able to select a darker grout for your tile (if it is on the floor) select a darker grout.  Let that grout work for you and hide your dirt.  Don’t forget to be sure your tile installers seal your tile and/or grout, too.  That will help make any dirt that does land there come up easier!

Fight floor dirt without lifting a finger. Tran and Thomas Design Kansas City, Design Tip


Have a question for Jill Tran or Carmen Thomas?  Please let us know how we can help!

To your beautiful home,

Jill Tran

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