It was so fun to get a shout from KC Business Magazine to help them with a project.  They asked us to redesign the an existing “Ugly Office” in the back of a Relax the Back store in Overland Park, KS for the owner/manager.

You can see the “BEFORE” shots here as the two shots on the far left. The two shots on the right are another firm’s solution to the same office.



Our solution is above. What can’t be seen here is the storage closet overflowing with efficient storage. See our floor plan below.


What can be seen in the lower right corner here is the storage closet to hide all the large and unusually shaped boxes. Notice, the doors are lined up so other employees could enter and bother the office area less and easily take large boxes in and out.


Artist’s rendering of the finished space. Clean, neat, lots of natural light with options to control it, etc. Our interview was great with manager and led to many concepts here that he is excited about. Of course, it has a wonderful Relax The Back chair to top it all off.


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