While the thought of wallpaper makes some people scream, for you, I hope it will bring squeals of delight!  It is back in full force and with so many gorgeous papers out there to choose from, they are just starting to make just paint look, well, not as exciting.  Why not have the best?


After hearing what my readers think about wallpaper, most of us hear “wallpaper” and our minds automatically go back to some very dated looks.  Think TV.  You all mentioned All In The Family, Dallas, Everybody Loves Raymond, Eight is Enough, Family Ties and Growing Pains?  Sooooo yesterday with those set looks, right?!  Today papers are showing up in grand spaces on shows of all kinds.  They are now in young hip shows.  The Apprentice and America’s Next Top Model.  Ant those are just a few.  Of course, paper never left some of the grandest homes I have had the pleasure of seeing in person.  Papers make spaces so amazing.


Another fear I am finding from my readers is not putting the paper up, but taking it down.  To remove it right, the walls must be sized first.  Sizing is similar to applying paint.  It rolls on.  It holds the paper tight to the walls, yet releases it the day you want to change the wall’s surface again.

As far as resale for a home, telling the buyer the walls were properly sized before the paper was hung could make them happy.  Keep in mind though that a fashionable and up-to-date home will attract buyers sometimes more than the “neutral” and/or “safe” home’s design.  When they think back to a home, they will remember the home that was the most beautiful…not the most neutral.


See the paper I added to this little babe’s room…it is white with little glass beads for a sheer, gorgeous and light sparkly look.





For thoughts on how to hang wallpaper, check out this link for Seabrook Wallpaper’s directions.  I think they are good instructions and cover most everything.  How To Hang Wallpaper

As far as choosing paper, be aware of the scale of the print.  Smaller rooms should usually have smaller prints, larger prints for larger rooms.  Unless you want a more fun and funky look….like we wanted in the hip bath we redesigned above.  Watch for flocked papers and foils in bathrooms or areas with moisture.  While a lot of papers are tough, some can take a little less cleaning such as with surface added details like the flocking or beads, ete..  Take a chance and make a fun, gorgeous choice. If you aren’t so sure at first, try a smaller space first like a bathroom.  Get a great paper hanger, too that has done this a million times.  They know all about plumb lines, prepasted -vs- non-pasted papers, tricky areas, etc. It is money well spent.

Wallpaper question?  Let me know and shoot me a comment.  Think bigger than paint…think paper!  Send me your pics…I want to see!

Make it fab!



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pics by Jill Tran Interior Design and Co. and Schumacher


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