Why hire an interior designer?

Just as a professional hair dresser knows exactly what products your hair needs, the best color for your face, and cut for your personality and lifestyle; an interior designer can help determine what style best represents and reflects your personality. As interior designers, we not only design your home or business for you down to the finest details, we handle and coordinate the teams required to achieve that design-build or remodel, including:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Delivery drivers/receiving
  • Shipping damages/replacements
  • Logistics and storage
  • Sewing workrooms
  • Artwork vendors
  • Lighting manufacturers/Electricians
  • Blind/window treatment manufacturers/installers
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Painters and wallpaper hangers
  • Flooring manufacturers/installers
  • Carpenters/cabinet craftsmen/installers
  • Specialty vendors/manufacturers/installers

Professional Interior Design Certifications:

National Council of Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ) Examination recognizes that an individual has met minimum competency standards for the practice of interior design. The certificate identifies the qualified practitioner, ensures recognition of expertise and assists development and self-improvement through the individual’s understanding of a body of knowledge and a set of professional standards.

When you hire an NCIDQ Certified Designer, you hire a professional with proven knowledge, experience and proficiency in the interior design principles of protecting the public health, safety and welfare.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professionals demonstrate the knowledge of green building practice required for successful implementation of the leadership in energy and environmental design Green building rating system.  LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.

Good design adds value faster than it adds cost.   Sustainability is not a product – it is the benefit from the process.  Application of these principles can lower your utility costs, improve air quality, and improved satisfaction improves productivity.


Professional Affiliations:

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) believes that design transforms lives. ASID serves the full range of the interior design profession and practice through the Society’s programs, networks and advocacy. We thrive on the strength of cross-functional and interdisciplinary relationships among designers of all specialties, including workplace, healthcare, retail and hospitality, education, institutional and residential. We lead interior designers in shared conversations around topics that matter: from evidenced-based and human-centric design to social responsibility, well-being and sustainability. We showcase the impact of design on the human experience and the value interior designers provide.

Professional members of the American Society of Interior Designers are required to conduct their business in a manner that will inspire the respect of the general public, their clients, fellow professional designers, as well as suppliers of goods and services to the profession. It is the individual responsibility of every member of the Society to uphold this code of ethics and professional conduct and the bylaws of the society.

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) is the Commercial Interior Design Association with a global reach. It supports design professionals, industry affiliates, educators, students, firms and their clients through our network of 15,000+ members across 58 countries. IIDA advocates for advancements in education, design excellence, legislation, leadership, accreditation, and community outreach to increase the value and understanding of Interior Design as a profession that enhances business value and positively impacts the health and well-being of people’s lives every day.

Great Design knows no boundaries. Nor do great Designers. IIDA honors the rich history and legacy of the profession. We are inspired by the process of getting to the Future of Design. Whatever that journey may uncover. Combining realism and vision, IIDA defines opportunities for its members to maximize their professionalism.

The Interior Design Society (IDS) is one of the country’s largest design organizations dedicated to serving the residential interior design industry. A group of like-minded professionals interested in broadening their network, professional development, and continued education. IDS provides support to professional interior design entrepreneurs and interior designers in the furniture industry nationwide by helping members grow their businesses, develop their talents, inspire each other, and impact their communities.

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